What Can A Baker Do With Her Website?

My friend’s friend bakes as a hobby.  She’s been doing it for a year now and she makes the best tiramisu.  I have to admit, her cakes were awful during her first few weeks of baking.  Yes, Jen, that’s the truth.  You know it.

One afternoon, while I was trying my best to finish one of her inferior cakes, she asked me, “Chad, if I had a website, what can I do with it?  I don’t know what to put in there.”

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How I Learned To Make Websites

How did I learn to make websites?

Here’s the boring story.

It was Thanksgiving 2010.  I was still working as a public school speech therapist so I had a whole week off.  I just saw the movie The Social Network, which showed how the mega website Facebook was built.  I wanted to become like Zuckerberg and have a multi-billion dollar website too.  Well, actually, I would’ve settled for a million-dollar site if I had the chance.  And so I started researching.  I thought to myself, “There are millions of websites on the internet.  There’s no way only a special few can do it!”  So I Googled it and found websites that taught people how to build websites.

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The Importance Of Having A Website

Why Do I Need A Website?  What is the importance of having a website?

These are the questions that an entrepreneur, professional or anyone for that matter, would ask.

Why Do I Need A Website?

1. You need a website because it is a platform where you can express yourself.  If you’re a shoemaker, get a website and start a blog where you talk about making shoes.  If you’re a teacher, use a website to update your students’ parents of what’s going on in your classroom.  If you’re a musician, you can post videos of you making music or even write down your composed lyrics.  Your website is an extension of your art.  It’s a reflection of your passion.  Express your ideas and thoughts using your website.

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I Made 17 Cents!

Yes.  Uh huh.  That’s right.  Bring in the caviar ‘cos it’s about to get ballah in here.

I made $0.17 so far from my Niche Website experiment.  I tried following the steps on The Challenge website and the website that I created 3 weeks ago already made a little money via Google AdSense.  Here’s the screen shot to prove it.


I know it’s not much and I have to also remind myself that the goal of this challenge is to make $1, so mission NOT YET accomplished.  Hopefully, we’ll see the numbers go up as the weeks go by.  I’ll keep you guys updated

If you want to try it out, go to The Challenge website at challenge.co


The Challenge Update: Module 6 (of 7). Zero Dollars

I’m on my 6th module of The Challenge and so far, no money being made yet. 

I checked out my first video on this site and if there’s one word to describe it, it would be this – depressing.  I was all slouched and lifeless during the whole video!  But I’ll keep it here.  That was the real me that day, unrehearsed.  I just wanted to try to make a video blog cos I have to admit, there are times when I do feel lazy writing stuff up.  I feel that if I can be good at making video blogs, it would really make life easier for me cos it’s faster and there’s no editing needed.  I could just spill whatever’s on my mind and it’s there for the world to see.  And see how in the video, I keep looking up and sideways?  Do you see it right away?  Sometimes I tend to criticize every single movement I make.  I think about these things too much.  And then when I ask people, they don’t notice what you notice most of the time.  Are they just being polite?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  But I’ll keep doing the video blog.

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The Challenge – To Make My First $1 Through Online Marketing

I’m currently participating in an internet marketing activity called “The Challenge”.  The goal of this challenge is to make my first $1 through online marketing.  I’ve been reading and watching videos about it for the past few days but I still want to know – What does “online marketing” mean?  

Wait.  Let me Google this one really quick.

Okay.  About.com says that “online marketing is the art and science of selling product/s or service/s over digital networks like the internet and cellular phone networks.”

So basically, it means making money on the internet.  I like that.

My goal right now is to document my journey throughout this challenge and write down the things that I’ll hopefully learn.  So far, Continue reading

Why Do You Love Your Mom?

I’ve become an overnight fan of Gary Vaynerchuk.  He’s a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author and a businessman whose style I admire.

My mom

His first business, at age 4 I think, was cutting the flowers off his neighbors’ yard, knocking on their doors, and selling them their own flowers.  Yep.  It’s basically in his DNA.

One thing I learned from Gary, and I think it’s something that businesses are slowly starting to forget, is this -

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Establishing a Presence on The Internet (a.k.a “Web Presence”)

Today, most (if not all) people expect to see your business info on the internet.  They want to make sure they know everything about a product or service before they even step out of the house.  And that’s becoming the norm. 

Let me use myself as an example.  One September night, my tooth began to hurt and I needed to see a dentist that morning.  I went on the internet and looked for a dentist close to my apartment and found one.  I checked the website and found out that it was 10 miles away from my place.  The next day, I drove 15 minutes to that dentist and had my tooth problem solved.

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Talk. Connect. Cut The Fake Crap.

Use your website to talk about your passion.  You love pumpkin-spice-flavored Oreos?  Talk about it.  And mean it.  You watch “A Walk to Remember” twice a week?  Talk about it.  And mean it.  Tell everyone what your favorite scene was.  Talk about how the the lead guy’s transformation from a douche jock to a sensitive lover-astronomist-theatre actor never fails to make you cry.  Somewhere out there, a Mandy Moore fan is already sharing your blog to her friends. Continue reading